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Privacy Policy

CARSA.JP recognizes the importance of social responsibility that it truthfully work to meet the needs of its customers and to contribute to the society. The Personal Information obtained from its customers in the course of business activities are an important asset of the customers and of CARSA.com as it leads to creation of new value. CARSA.com protects Personal Information from information security threats with the following Basic Policy and meets its customer's expectations on its reliability As a company, CARSA.JP is committed to the responsible handling of Personal Information.

(Personal Information Protection Policy)

  • 1. CARSA observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Act on the Use of Social Security and Tax Number System in the Administrative Procedure and other relevant laws, rules, and guidelines established by the government and other regulations.
  • 2. CARSA has established a management framework to protect Personal Information, and assigned a person to “Personal Information Protection Administrator” position and implemented the appropriate protection of it.
  • 3. CARSA utilizes Personal Information within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated to customers, and takes measures not to be used beyond the scope. CARSA does not disclose or provide Personal Information provided by customers to third parties except with the consent of the customer from whom the Personal Information was obtained or when there is a legitimate reason.
  • 4. CARSA strives to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Information or the leakage, loss, or damage of Personal Information and continually enhances, re-mediates and manages information security.
  • 5. CARSA responds to inquiries concerning Personal Information or requests from customers for disclosure of their Personal Information sincerely and without delay.
1. Personal Information

Personal Information means information concerning a User as an individual, which can identify the User based on the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, educational institution, or other descriptions, etc. constituting such information. In addition, any information which cannot identify the User solely by itself but can easily be collated with other information and, as a result thereof, can identify the User, is also included in the scope of Personal Information.

*"Personal Information" is described in this Privacy Policy exclude Specific Personal Information, etc.

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

CARSA will use Personal Information within the scope of the purposes provided in the Purpose of Use. The Purpose of Use is specifically defined and made clear to our customers, and is announced on our website as shown below. CARSA will make an effort to limit the Purpose of Use according to the situation in which the information is obtained.

  • 1. Achieving the Purpose of Use of our service and business.
  • 2. Notices of service, etc. to its customers.
  • 3. Giving notice to shareholders, provision of various types of information and shareholder management
  • 4. Exercise of rights or performance of obligations based on Act of Japan and other relevant laws and ordinances
  • 5. Responding to inquiries, requests, etc. from its customers
  • 6. Carrying out operations incidental to (1) through (5) above and operations to properly and smoothly manage the business of CARSA

When handling Personal Information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the Purpose of Use, CARSA will seek customer’s consent except for cases prescribed under items in Paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Privacy Act.

3. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

CARSA will not provide Personal Information to a third party without the customer’s consent, unless where any of the following applies:

  • 1. required under laws or ordinances;
  • 2. required to protect human life, body or asset (including that of legal entities) and difficult to obtain the approval by the customer him/herself;
  • 3. made to a consignee within the scope necessary for carrying out our business
  • 4. to use Personal Information jointly with a group company or a business partner of CARSA within the scope of the intended use;
  • 5. to provide, in an unrecoverable format, Personal Information in a format that does not allow easy identification or recognition of the corresponding individual.

When handling Personal Information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the Purpose of Use, CARSA will seek customer’s consent except for cases prescribed under items in Paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Privacy Act.

4. Disclaimer concerning the provision of Personal Information to third parties

CARSA will not be responsible for the acquisition of Personal Information by a third party where any of the following applies:

  • 1. A User indicates his/her own Personal Information to a specific company, using any function under the Services or by other means (As for the handling of Personal Information in the Service Using Companies, etc., please directly make inquiries to each of the Service Using Companies, etc.);
  • 2. A User is unexpectedly identified by information entered by the User under the Services;
  • 3. A User provides Personal Information to, and the User's Personal Information is used at, an external site linked by the Services; or
  • 4. Anyone other than a User obtains the User's information (ID, password, etc.) which can identify the User as an individual.
  • 5. Additionally to above, Personal Information is leaked by computer viruses or similar causes.
5. Supervision of contractors

CARSA may consign all or part of our customer’s Personal Information handling operation. In such a case, CARSA elects a contractor who is expected to properly handle Personal Information, appropriately specify matters concerning handling of Personal Information such as Security Management Measures, confidentiality, terms and conditions of reconsignment, return of Personal Information upon expiration or termination of contract agreement, and performs necessary and appropriate supervision.

6. Handling of Sensitive Information

CARSA will not collect, use, or provide to a third party Sensitive Information, including but not limited to information regarding your healthcare or case history, except for cases provided by the Privacy Act, other relevant laws, ordinances and guidelines.

7. Handling of Specific Personal Information, etc.

The Purpose of Use of Specific Personal Information, etc. is limited under the “My Number” Act, and CARSA will not collect or use Specific Personal Information, etc. beyond the prescribed Purpose of Use.

We will not provide Specific Personal Information, etc. to a third party except in cases permitted under the “My Number” Act.

8. Notice of Matters, Disclosure, Amendment, or Suspension of Use of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc.

Customer requests for any notice of matters, disclosure, amendment, or suspension of use of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. held by CARSA under the Privacy Act shall be directed to the "Contact Office" indicated in Clause 11 below. After confirming the customer as the requesting party, the customer is requested to complete a form designated by us. CARSA will then follow the procedures and, in principle, provide a written response in a proper, timely manner. CARSA will charge the prescribed fees for responding to a request for any disclosure.

9. Use of Cookies, etc.

CARSA uses cookies, etc. to provide better services on its websites.

10. Management of Personal Data and Specific Personal Information, etc.

CARSA will take a rational security measures to manage Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. securely and to prevent divulgence, loss or damage to Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. handled by CARSA, and will ensure the accuracy and prompt updating of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. which are necessary to achieve the Purpose of Use.