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Now in Japan!

Visit us or call us for all the help you need.

Tokyo Office

We make vehicle import easy.

Hassle/stress-free with no extra charge.

Let us take care of your vehicle importation.

Find out all the ways we can support you by visit us or call us.

Import Procedure

Assistance for vehicle

importation matters and

import duties.

Safe payment

Safer way to send money

without worrying about

overseas transaction.

Door delivery

Certified clearing agent will

deliver your car to any place

in Kenya with a reasonable

fixed price.

How to use

Assist to search the right vehicle,

make better communication with

the seller, help to order online and


Tokyo Office

[Mon - Fri] 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

301 OJ House, Minami Azabu 2-10-13, Minatou-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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