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How To Buy


Step 1: Select the car from our Stock

        Find a vehicle from our stock which suits to your budget and choice. The stock is available with detailed information on condition and specifications of the vehicle, including pictures taken from different angles. For further information, inquiries are always welcome.

Step 2 : Send us Inquiry    
Once you have selected the car, please select the port of your country,  it will gives you the total cost till your port of discharge,  Now click on the `Show Invoice` button and get the invoice.
 Step 3 : Remittance of the invoice amount (Payment) 

Once you have received the invoice,We will suggest you to complete the payment by bank Telegraphic Transfer, from the nearest Bank in your country. Please send us the transfer slip through email or fax.  As soon as the payment has been received we'll send you a confirmation email.
Step 4 : Shipment
After we have received the Payment,we will immediately begin the export process. which includes
Your vehicle sent for shipping   Shipping details sending through email   documents dispatch through DH
Step 5: Collect your vehicle
You will receive the courier pack having all the necassary documents required for clearance, well ahead of the arrival of the ship, carrying your car. Please arrange a custom agent and provide him with all the documents you have received from us so that he can initiate the custom clearance process including the evaluation of duties and taxes on your vehicle.
After going through the above process you can get your car registered in your country and drive. SiCL wish you a safe drive !!!
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