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City Delivery Via Durban

Saffran Autos  City Delivery Service

 If you use our new City Delivery via Durban service, there is no need to take risk to send documents or money to the Durban Port! We will take all necessary measurements to make it sure your car arrives safely to your border. City Delivery via Durban is available for the following cities:

Save Time and Money
               SiCl city Delivery saves you time and money
Save on Bank Fees!
you would have no need to hire the services of another agent in Durban. SiCL will take care of the process throughout till you get the car.
No Storage Fees!
we have direct arrangements to take your car to your city which is easy and fast , you do not loose any amount on storage fee at Durban Port. arrangements are done before the car arrives in Durban.
No Courier Charges!
you get all the documents in one parcel, no double wait- no additional fee.
Fair Price!
we recommend you to compare our service fee, we assure you that you will find us in the fair line.
Safe Vehicle Delivery

To ensure the safety and to protect the quality , we have arrangements of a car carrier to deliver your car. we never allow your car to be driven on road for delivery purposes.
Frequent Asked Questions

Is Duty, Taxes and Clearing Charge in my country included in the price?

Do you deliver the car directly to me in my city?


All charges till the port of your country are included. However, duties,taxes ,agent fee,registration fee or any other taxes /levy may applied by the rule of your country is not included in the price.



Each city has designated point of delivery, by law, we can not move the car besides that point, therefore, you will get the car at the specific point in your city.

to take out the car from that point, you will have to go through the custom process, with the help of your clearing agent.


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