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Is Toyota's new hydrogen car about to 'change society'? 10-08-2014

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Increasingly stringent environmental regulations in major markets are spurring automakers to develop a new generation of green cars. Toyota Motor, which led the way in popularizing hybrids, is now positioning itself as the company that will bring hydrogen-fueled, zero-carbon-emission vehicles into the mainstream. Cars powered by that colorless, odorless gas are not exactly new. What is new is the not-quite-so-astronomical price tag of a model the Japanese company plans to release sometime in the current fiscal year through next March. Toyota's car will go for about 7 million yen ($67,500); a decade ago, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were estimated to cost around 100 million yen. Toyota managed to bring down the cost of the car by developing certain key components on its own. Honda Motor's fuel cell vehicle uses a hydrogen tank procured from a specialist supplier. Toyota made its own tank. The company found a unique way to wind up carbon fiber, creating a tank that is strong enough to withstand pressure up to 700 bar. Toyota also found a way to reduce the amount of platinum used in the stack, the mechanism that generates electricity. The structure of Toyota's stack facilitates efficient chemical reaction, and the materials can be processed quickly to allow for mass production. - See more at:
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