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Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell powered car ready for sale this December 19-06-2014

Although the technology has been talked about for quite some time now, the concept of using oxygen and hydrogen to power an automobile seems poised to finally hit the market. According to reports, the Toyota Motor Corporation has recently declared that their sedan-type Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) will begin production at the end of this year. At the moment Toyota claims this would make them the first automaker in the world to market such a vehicle to the public at large. The FCV carries a stock of hydrogen on board and uses oxygen from the air to generate power. It's said that a single 5kg (11lbs) supply of hydrogen can carry Toyota's FCV over 500km (310mi). This is probably a good thing since at the time of its initial launch, stations where hydrogen can be purchased will be few and far between, found in only four of Japan's major urban centers: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. It's also been reported while that the establishments of around 100 of these stations have been expected to occur over this year, they are currently behind schedule. As such the Japanese government has been stepping in to encourage faster development.
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