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Do Not Close Your EYES
Because WE Are Monitoring You

|#Free Biafrans -- #Free Nnamdi Kanu|

__Biafra Anon Injectors__  


|==========[ :::Message from __XACK ANGEL__ to pigs called NIGERIAN & GOVERNMENT OF THE WHOLE WORLD::: ]==========|

People Of God Are We, Who Can Defile us?
Starling At The Bottom Of The Cloud Hoping That Our Dream To Come True
Basking Under The Sun With Thousands Of Hope That One Day BIAFRANS Will Be #Free
All We ASk From The World Is Nothing But Our #freedom & Its Not A Crime For Us To Ask For Freedom
We Are Biafrans We Came From Somewhere, We Beganed From Somewhere.
On Daily Bases Nigerian Armys Are Killing Us & The World Is Sitting Down Watching?
Nothing Prevents Us From Defending OurSelf
Incase You #NIGERIANS Have Forgetten? Trace Your Way Back To 1967-1970.
This Is The Only Way Safe Left For Us To Protest Since #NIGERIAN ARMYS Are Killing Us
Long live MotherLand,
#Free Biafrans , #Leave Nnamdi Kanu Alone, He Did Nothing Wrong!
Wake Up #Biafrans Because It Is WAR In Our Heart!.
We Say No To 2019 IGBO PRESIDENCY All We Need Is Biafra. To Hell With Your Free Education It Worth Nothing To Us
Trying To Islamize BIAFRANS Will Be Your Life Assignment
To All So Called Eastern Governors That Works One On One With NIGERIANS, Shame On You people
Fuck Fou, Fuck Your Guts. You Are A Public Disgrace To MANHOOD And NATIONHOOD
But Remember This The People You Are Trying To Step On Are The Same People You Depended On For Survial
We #Voted You In There, Without Us You Are Bloody Civilans And Useless To The Society And To Your Kingsmen
Note This Evils Men Do Leaves After Them But Now It Is Evils Men Do Leaves With Them And Their Children
May You Never See The Ligth Of The Day #Pigs
Our Target is your Governement's Websites ... We Will Take You Off From The Internet !
Your Credit Cards , Your Bank's Accounts , Your Servers , Your Atm ... Even Your Computer, Laptops And Smart Phones Are In Danger !
We Never Forget What You Do Against Humanity ... At 30th August Millions Of Innocent Biafrans Were Massacared ... Innocent Childrens, Womens Are Killed And Raped In The Force's Attacks In #Enugu...
Fulani Heardsmen Destroyed Families , Homes ,Schools, Hospitals Even Churches... But No One Cares ! Its Time To Stop Killing Innocent Biafrans , And We Want Our Freedom Because All The World Know That #NIGERIANS Are Real Terrorist.
Go And Tell The Governement and Peopel of the thing named "NIGERIAN" That They Will Be A Goal Of #Biafra Freedom.
Go Tell #NIGERIA Governement Thats [XAck AnGeL] Said SO!!

WE ARE : XAck AnGeL | Prince Jioke| Kemical Bond | SirTTop Netreator | Celestine | Stanley | El Mac | Sir Hope Ruben | Jonny Deep |