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Rolls-Royce On Course for Record Sales Year 27-09-2014

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Rolls-Royce is on pace for a record-setting sales year despite its complete lack of interest in increasing sales volume. The British automaker is on schedule to sell 4,000 vehicles this year, which would set a record under BMW ownership. In an interview with Autocar, a Rolls-Royce source said that the company is now financing its own product development from profits and would be able to develop an SUV model on its own without drawing funds from the BMW Group. First up for Rolls-Royce will be the next-generation Phantom, which is already undergoing development. The same source also confirmed that the next-generation Phantom and Ghost models will be offered with a BMW-source hybrid powertrain but a Rolls-Royce EV is unlikely. The company has created a 102EX prototype and it is rumored that not a single customer requested for the concept to be put into production.
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