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Volkswagen to Redesign Models Every Five Years

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Volkswagen plans on updating its models more frequently in the U.S. According to a report from Edmunds, the German automaker will update its core vehicles that are being sold in the U.S. more frequently, starting with the Jetta and Passat. The company wants to keep its models "fresh and attractive," according to Marc Trahan, group vice president for quality and service at Volkswagen Group of America. According to Trahan, Volkswagen dealerships in the U.S. believe the cars aren't being freshened enough like some of the automaker's competitors. Currently Volkswagen redesigns its models every seven years, but plans on moving to a five-year cycle, which is more in line with Japanese automakers. The Jetta is slated for a redesign in 2017 with the Passat following a year later.
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