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October 2017

Antigua and Barbuda, relief for Victims of Hurricane Irma

The Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful in recorded history hit the Eastern Caribbean Islands, leaving just devastation and thousands of people homeless on its path of destruction. The Island of Barbuda was almost entirely wiped out as 90 per cent of all buildings were destroyed when the category five storm hit. "Hurricane Irma hit Barbuda like a bomb" Prime Minister Gaston Brown said. SAFFRANAUTOS Japan has shown its commitment to the people in Antigua and Barbuda providing help and supplies through NODS (http://nods.gov.ag National Office of Disaster Service) by giving $1,992 ECD worth in food, water and basic needs items.

May 2017

SAFFRANAUTOS to Support Floods and Landslides in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka suffered severe damages caused by floods and landslides in May. Over 70 people were killed, 120 went missing and 300,000 displaced from their homes also affecting businesses in the area.

SAFFRANAUTOS supported the following action plans with a budget amounting to 300,000 JPY.

  • - Provide medicines to affected people.
  • - Provide food rations.
  • - Provide cloths and basic needs.
  • - SAFFRANAUTOS staff volunteers to visit and help affected areas.


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    • No More Boring Cars for Toyota!!

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      • Audi Promotes Gender Equality.

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